Why we’re the best summer camp option 2023 for you?

At the Camp Guaikinima each year we are innovating to provide the best. It is always a challenge for us to achieve maximum fun and safety. We spend a lot of time doing special and safe programs, where you as a parent will know that your kids are doing well, while kids have fun while learning.And we have always achieved thanks to the experience learning methodology, because the kids will have an experiential learning, becoming the protagonists of the camp.

 Do you want to know what these incredible experiences are like? So read the whole article and then tell your kids. It is important that you involve him in every part of the process before going to camp.

Summer camp for kids 2023

You will not believe everything we have prepared for this summer camps. Here’s a preview because we couldn’t wait to tell you.

Participatory experiences

During the stay of the camp your kids will participate in great activities in which their opinions and points of view will be important. 

They will work in teams in all the activities that are carried out and one is more fun than the other. They will be able to be independent and manage to maximize their active participation from an obstacle course to a bonfire night in the overnight camp.

Creative experiences

In creative experiences your kids will be able to show the artist inside them in every time, many crafts are made that they can take home as a souvenir from the camp, they will make delicious recipes as well as paint, but if you thinks that they don’t have the artistic vein highly developed we are sure that a paint war or a paintball game can change your perspective.

Competitive experiences

In competitive experiences we find large numbers of sports but kids will learn that healthy fun is what matters and that we are all equally talented. That is why we practice indoor and outdoor sports, among them we have soccer, basketball and volleyball courts. We all always have fun with these games.

Fun experiences

Fun is the favorite word of our campers, because everything is designed so that they live the best moments. The best thing is that, in this process, they learn. 

We have de-stressing activities for them such as disco nights in the cabins, or role-playing tales that give the perfect magic to the camp. We will tell you only part of it but you must promise not to ruin the surprise. In this activity, throughout the camp the participants are part of a story that unfolds in each of the cabins, but, right at the end of the season, all the cabins have a meeting to close the story in a final chapter. Isn’t it awesome? But we have more…

Experiences in air, water and land

These are the preferred experiences for campers of all ages. Kids loves aerials activities that involve rappelling, crossing a bridge, or pampering pole. In addition, we have water activities with the hilarious blob, canoeing or kayak, tubing and water ski, just to mention a few and without neglecting land activities that range from archery tag or bow and arrow to shooting with rifles air. These and other adventures will be challenging and unforgettable by the best team and guides with a special and personalized one to one training.

And security?

We have always taken care that physical activities have the most dedicated security controls so that your kids is always protected. And with our AVVAL philosophy, the kids are committed to giving their best with a positive attitude without anyone being physically or emotionally hurt.  So we guarantee, that everything will always be fine. Likewise, we remind you that you can be in contact with our mother Amäy who is with the kids all the time.

There are many kids who arrive unsure of making new friends or fearful of changes in new environments, but along the way they discover all the potential they have inside and in the end they all become adventurers without fear and their weaknesses become strength, physically and emotionally secure.

Make your kids have an excellent transformation if you have any concerns you can contact us in our online chat, we also have other ways of contact: our email  info@campguaikinima.com and our number (954) 654-0395. Enroll your kids now and allow him to enjoy to the fullest these incredible experiences that we have prepared for children this summer 2023 at the Camp Guaikinima.