Mamá de Campemento Amay Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Who is Amay and how will she make me feel more at peace while my son is camping?



We know that parents get worried when their children go to an overnight camping season and that is why we created our Exclusive Camp Mom! She will be your best ally during your children’s stay at the Sleep-Away Summer Camp.

Is it the first time your child is going to a Sleepaway Summer Camp? Our camp mom, Amay will make it a lot easier! You can call her and she will assist you with the best disposition:

  • She will inform you about your child and his adventures.
  • She will give each camper individual care and monitor their overall health, in coordination with the nurse who will care for them 24/7.
  • She will do what is reasonable and necessary for the parents to be at ease, but always being careful that the camper has his independence and concentrates on enjoying Camp Guaikinima to the fullest.