Water activities for kids

The full guide water activities that your teens will do in Camp Guaikinima

Our water activities for kids are one of the favorites among our campers. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve probably noticed that our activities take place in water, such as swimming pools, and you want to know everything that Camp Guaikinima can offer for your child.

Well, you’re in the right place! This time, we bring you a complete guide to all the water activities that your teens will enjoy at Camp Guaikinima, whether they choose SleepAway camps or Day camps. It will be a unique experience.

Everything is fun and safe. If you’re concerned about the safety of water activities, you don’t need to worry. All our activities take place in lakes or beaches with very calm waters, and we have implemented extreme security measures. That’s why we invite you to read this article until the end because we want to answer all your questions.

Fun summer camps for teens and water activities for kids

The fun begins in the water with activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and much more. Let’s see what each of these sports and competitions entails.

Water Skiing

Teens will reach a maximum speed of 25mph, helping them strengthen their muscles and overcome their fears. This adrenaline-pumping sport guarantees a lot of fun.


Wakeboarding is a thrilling combination of fun and challenge. It improves flexibility in the hands and feet, as it requires agility. This sport also enhances reaction times and versatility with sudden changes in direction and position. It develops hand-eye coordination as the riders need to stay balanced and focused.


Kneeboarding is a water sport where the rider kneels on a wakeboard and is towed behind a motorboat, performing aerial maneuvers off the crest of the wake.


This activity takes place in the shallow waters near the beach, where kids can explore the underwater marine ecosystem, observing starfish, minnows, plants, and more. It’s an entertaining activity that teaches kids how to breathe through a tube and use their masks correctly.


Kayaking is a favorite activity among campers as they can learn to sail independently, paddling and understanding the right techniques to use. This activity promotes independence and boosts arm strength.

The Best summer camps for teens

Our camp offers a wide range of competitions that are not limited to water activities alone. Each activity ensures the safety of our participants. You have nothing to worry about because your kids will be under the supervision of specialized counselors for each aquatic discipline. Campers wear life vests at all times, following the necessary safety measures for each activity.

Summer camps for teens

The summer adventure doesn’t end when the sun sets. Our overnight summer camp programs are filled with excitement and include various activities for children and teens. From arts and group dynamics to a fun week-long summer program, your teens will return home with countless camp experiences, filled with happiness and fun, becoming the topic of conversation among their peers.

So, if you want your teens to always have an adventure camp to learn from and talk about, sign up now because there’s always much more to discover, from our mountain biking rides to our rope courses. Give them a unique experience. If you have any questions, you can contact us through our online chat or message us via WhatsApp at (954) 654-0395.