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Why we’re the best summer camp in Florida?

Camp Guaikinima is the best summer camp option in Florida. At Camp Guaikinima, we are constantly innovating to provide the best experience to your kids each year. Our never-ending challenge is to compete with ourselves and outperform our fun and safety expectations every season.

We invest a lot of time doing special and safe programs full of fun and knowledge. Camp Guaikinima believes in every kid’s potential to develop multiple skills and new aptitudes when they enjoy fun, dynamic, and safe surroundings. We guarantee the best experience in the market thanks to our unique dynamic-learning methodology, which uses psychology as a pivot. When kids are exposed to experiential and dynamic learning, they become the protagonists of the camp; they become protagonists of their lives.

We will help you to explore our adventurous and wholesome world. This guide will help you to involve your kid in every part of the process to ensure the best experience in our camp!

Why are we the best Summer camp in Florida?

More than 6 million children participate in some form of camp in the US. Your kid cannot miss this lifetime opportunity to explore a new world outside its comfort zone. Here’s a preview because we couldn’t wait to tell you.

Participatory experiences

During their stay at the camp, your kids will participate in amazing activities full of new friends, cultures, and ideas. We make sure that each one of their opinions is considered in every activity they perform, fostering their self-esteem by making them feel part of a true team.

They will work in teams in all the activities that are carried out. Each activity will be funnier and more exciting than the previous one. Our campers become independent, able to complete an entire obstacle course, set a bonfire, and enjoy an unforgettable night in the woods with their new friends.

Camp Guaikinima is the most integral bilingual summer camp in Florida. We have the best native-speaker instructors that will nurture their adventure with knowledge. Your children will enjoy the benefits of being fluent in both Spanish and English, like engaging with a new culture while having fun. 

Creative experiences

Creative experiences nurture the artist inside your kids. Your beloved ones will be able to display their creative side by crafting souvenirs, making delicious recipes, painting, and more! 

In addition, our paintball games will help your child feel like the commander and chief inside a painted battleground. You will be surprised when they return home with a whole new artistic background and leadership highly developed.

Competitive experiences

Sports are an important recreation and leisure activity for becoming a better being. In competitive experiences, kids learn the importance of having fun while respecting others to achieve common goals. They develop values and get better at social relations. Sports increase their confidence and improve their health in the short and long term.

That is why we practice indoor and outdoor sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball courts. Kids always have the time of their lives with these games.

Fun experiences

Did you know that 74% of teachers employ digital game-based learning to enhance their students’ learning experience?

Above all, fun is the favorite word of our campers. Everything in our sanctuary is designed to deliver a stimulating stay, filled with fun, knowledge, and value.

We have relaxing activities for them, like disco parties in the booths. 

We also love to play role stories, our summer camp hallmark. In this activity, the participants are part of a story that develops in each cabin and throughout the camp. But it gets better: right at the end of the season, all the cabins’ groups meet for the last time to close the story in a final collaborative chapter.

Isn’t it awesome? Well, we have more…

Experiences in air, water, and land

These are the preferred experiences for campers of all ages. Kids love aerials activities that involve rappelling, crossing a bridge, or pampering a pole.

For water-lovers, we have water activities with the hilarious blob, canoeing or kayak, tubing, and water ski, just to mention a few. We also specialize in land activities such as archery tag, bow and arrow, and shooting with air-rifles.

Don’t worry, our talented crew of passionate guides will supervise all these screen-free adventures, providing personalized one-to-one training.

And security?

We take special care in physical activities. We always test our current standards, routines, and schedules. Camp Guaikinima invests in tight security controls and infrastructure to provide the safest experience possible. 

Based on our AVVAL philosophy, the kids are committed to giving their best with a positive attitude without anyone being physically or emotionally hurt. 

We remind you that you can be in touch 24/7 with mother Amäy, who is with the kids all the time.

Making new friends and sharing experiences

Many kids arrive with undeveloped social skills. Many of them are introverts and are afraid of making new friends. 

However, we are your that, after they return home, they will have discovered their true potential. We truly believe each one of our campers can become an adventurer without fear, conscious of its weaknesses, and able to take advantage of its unique skills and strengths.

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Summer camps are a unique opportunity for kids to develop emotional intelligence and unlimited lifelong emotional and technical skills.

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Enroll your kids now and allow them to enjoy to the fullest these incredible experiences we have prepared for children this summer at Camp Guaikinima.