Guía Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Yohana Bello

I started in Guaikinima as a camper in 2006 in Venezuela and as a camper I had the opportunity to learn all the activities of the camp, which helped me to know what my favorite activity was and what activity I wanted to learn when I was a counselor.

For me, Guaikinima has been a space for personal growth where I have met many people who undoubtedly became my lifelong friends.

Now I am a high ropes counselor and it is what I love to do because of all the challenges it presents, like helping a child overcome their fears. It is not easy but you have to learn to be patient and know how to listen because often fear is much greater than it really is.

Today thanks to Guaikinima I take many tutorials and tools that I will need in the future, such as learning to work as a team and much more.