Guía Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Melissa Serrano

I am 21 years old, a student of legal studies and I have been a counselor at Guaikinima since 2017. In the 2019 season I was a crafts coordinator. In all my years in the camp I have developed both in my personal and professional life. It has allowed me to do something I love which is working with children while I spend unforgettable summers with my friends. 

I love reading, drawing, exercising and anything related to the law. Guaikinima taught me to trust myself and the potential I have, to say that I can when I face new challenges, and always be prepared as best I can for the problems that may arise. More than anything taught me we must never lose that child we have inside because life is more fun that way!

My favorite part is the relationship with my campers and the bond I create with the cabin forever.