Guía Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Luis Brando

Hello, I am Luis and I am 19 years old. I have been an sleepaway counselor in Guaikinima since 2018. I like to play soccer, go to the gym and spend time with my friends.

I love campers, being a counselor has taught me that children have a lot to learn, but also a lot to teach. I like to be a counselor because I love being with the campers, sharing with them, playing and enjoying the camp. I have been a counselor for the Willows and Cedars, for me they are like my younger brothers, besides being their counselor, I am their friend, they know that they can trust me and I know that I can trust them.

In Guaikinima I have learned a lot, in fact, I would say that I am a completely new person since I started to be a counselor; I have learned to trust people, my fellow counselor and also campers, I learned to handle fear in different ways. I learned to work as a team and a lot of new things I did not know before. These two years in Guaikinima have been lo máximo for me.