Guía Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Andreina La Morgia

I am Andre. I am 28 years old, a lawyer and a preschool education student. It is my second year as a counselor in Guaikinima. What I love most about working in the camp, is that I can do what I love most about: working with children of different ages, watching them grow up, learning new things, being an example for them and seeing them happy and enjoying all the activities we do.

This year I was a canoe counselor, and I enjoyed it a lot, it is impressive how, in the camp, we not only teach but also learn new things every day and we also face our own fears to set the example to the campers, showing them that if we can do it they can do it too.

My favorite part of the camp is all the experiences you live every day, not only in your cabin and other campers, but with the other counselor, and that family that you create and that you will always have for the rest of your life.

Thank you Guaikinima.