Guia Summer Camp Florida Camp Guaikinima

Ana Valentina Ruiz

My name is Ana Valentina Ruiz, I am 18 years old and I am from Venezuela.

I am counselor at Guaikinima since 2019 and it has served me as a way of learning to carry out my life in the future as a professional, it has allowed me to grow personally since I have been able to discover, with my work, my strengths, which will help me in the future to develop my career. It has allowed me to strengthen my self-esteem by helping me get to know myself more. I have developed teamwork skills, being disciplined and organized; it has helped me manage time effectively and strengthen accountability. This experience has allowed me to develop leadership, putting into practice the empathy I have towards others.

At my young age, it has been an experience full of joy and incredible moments.

This experience has helped me develop a sense of service to others, especially children, strengthen virtues such as patience, honesty, discipline, and obedience.

Among my hobbies are photographic design, makeup and modeling, art, sports in general and crafts.

I am always looking to continue this growth in a magical place that combines recreation with education.