Sleepaway Camp

Here we live unique moments.

Sleepaway Camp

Camp program with sleepaway stay oriented to children between 6 and 16 years old.

  • You can choose 3 or 2 weeks seasons.
  • Incredible guided activities in water, land and air.
  • Your children will recover, learn, improve and perfect their Spanish (all activities, interactions, instructions and songs are in Spanish).
  • First time your child goes to a Sleepaway? Do not worry about it! Amay (our camp mom) will make it much easier 😉

Our activities

Puente Summer Camp Florida Guaikinima
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It is a bridge...

Rapel Summer Camp Florida
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It’s the technique of...

Sleepaway Camps
Water Skiing
Sleepaway Camps
Water Skiing

Water skiing is one...

Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

Wakeboarding is a water...

Frequent Asked questions


  • 1 Rain jacket or poncho
  • 2 Set of sheets (twin size)
  • 1 Sleeping bag or LIGHT blanket
  • 2 Towels
  • 1 Pillow with two cases
  • 2 Pairs of sneakers
  • 1 Flip Flop or Crocs
  • 1 Blue Jeans
  • 4 Shorts
  • 1 Cap
  • 5 Pairs of socks
  • 6 underwear units
  • 2 Pajamas
  • 3 Bathing suites
  • 1 Lice shampoo
  • 1 White T-Shirt (for dyeing)
  • 3 Disco Outfits
  • 1 Dirty laundry bag
  • 1 Small Backpack for excursions
  • 1 Closed cup for water (water bottle)
  • 1 Flashlight and its spare batteries
  • Envelope and paper for letters (stamped and addressed) if parents are in the U.S. during the camp
  • 1 A Tote bag with your toilet supplies
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen lotion

In the sleepaway if a camper gets sick, the counselor or Amay takes them to the infirmary, there the nurse performs a checkup and seeks to detect what the discomfort is, when having a diagnosis she communicates with the parents, according to the health form authorized medications are administered and his recovery is monitored until he can return to his activities. Amäy (the camp mom) will be in constant communication with parents to keep them informed.

Orlando International Airport is around 60 minutes from camp and Fort Lauderdale International Airport is around 30 minutes from our transportation departure in Weston, FL. 

Transportation to the camp is included in the camp price. Campers depart by bus from Weston, FL.

For the return we invite the parents to pick the campers up, so they have the opportunity to share some of their experiences in the magic of Guaikinima with their relatives. For those who cannot go to the camp, we can coordinate return transportation; you can select this option in the registration process.

You can call Amäy (our camp mom) anytime. She will be able to inform you how he/she has adapted, if he/she is doing the activities, etc. Communication with campers will be through letters, you can send them correspondence and they will respond.

The discount applies to the siblings of a registered camper

3 weeks $150

2 weeks $100