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Sleepaway Camp

Here we live unique moments.

Sleepaway Camp

Camp program with sleepaway stay oriented to children between 6 and 16 years old.

  • You can choose 3 or 2 weeks seasons.
  • Incredible guided activities in water, land and air.
  • Camp Guaikinima offers bilingual Spanish/English programming. (all activities, interactions, instructions and songs are in both languages.
  • First time your child goes to a Sleepaway? Do not worry about it! Amay (our camp mom) will make it much easier 😉

Our activities

Puente Summer Camp Florida Guaikinima
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It is a bridge...

Rapel Summer Camp Florida
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It’s the technique of...

Sleepaway Camps
Water Skiing
Sleepaway Camps
Water Skiing

Water skiing is one...

Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

Wakeboarding is a water...

Frequent Asked questions

Transportation to the camp is included in the camp price. Campers depart by bus from Weston, FL.

For the return we invite the parents to pick the campers up, so they have the opportunity to share some of their experiences in the magic of Guaikinima with their relatives. For those who cannot go to the camp, we can coordinate return transportation; you can select this option in the registration process.

The discount applies to the siblings of a registered camper

3 weeks $150

2 weeks $100

Example of a day in camp:

7:30am: Wake up

8:00am: (Breakfast)

9:00am: Cabin Ordering

9:15am: Round of Activities*

10:45am: Snack

11:00am: Round of Activities*

12:30pm: Free Hour

1:30pm: Lunch

2:00pm: Rest

3:00pm: Round of Activities *

4:30pm: Snack

4:45pm: Round of Activities *

5:15pm: Free Hour

6:30pm: Shower

7:30pm: Dinner

8:30pm: Night Game

10:00pm: To Bed!

* Round of Activities example:

Boat – Tubbing – Paintball – Survival
Ropes – Rappel
Bow and Shooting
Canoe or paddle board

Campers will sleep with their group in comfortable air-conditioned cabins, accommodations are for 12 campers and two counselors for each cabin. Groups are separated by age and gender. Cabins with the smaller children will be assigned additional counselors.

If a camper has a medical treatment during the season, our nurse will be in charge of administering the treatment as directed by the doctor. They must specify the details on the health form and deliver the medicines on the day they leave for camp.

Yes, we have siblings discount for both programs. The discount applies to the siblings of a registered camper.