Taller Liderazgo Summer Camp Guakinima



We are all leaders.

Leadership as an effective tool for personal empowerment.

With this workshop we motivate your children to be successful in their areas of natural action: the school, the university, the community, the family and their social relationships.

  • Positive interaction environments and opportunities for personal brilliance and group connection are created.
  • They participate in practical decision-making, interpersonal communication situations that pose effective and actionable learning challenges.
  • Here they quickly discover the leader that everyone has inside.

Frequent Asked questions

They receive a certificate of attendance to the workshop, which is valid for your Resume or as support for applying to Colleges or Universities.

  • The ABC workshop is held in a Miami park; it can be at the Markham, CB Smith, Oleta Park or Virginia Key.
  • The Leadership In Action Intensive Workshop takes place in the summer at our Oleta River Park venue, at our Day Camp Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5:30 pm. 
  • The Leadership in Action Immersive Workshop takes place in the summer at our sleepaway headquarters in Pierce, FL or Inglis, FL. Participants stay in cabins with the Guaikinima staff, and must bring all the camper’s equipment listed. 

The workshop is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 18.

  • At the ABC they receive experiential learning training, communication, teamwork, fear management, conflict resolution and leadership.
  • In the Leadership in Action Intensive Workshop, you can experience a group dynamic with the children at the Day Camp. They train alongside an experienced counselor how to manage a group of campers and how to teach an activity. They will carry out the activity assigned to them, exercising leadership with others, reporting to directors.
  • The Leadership in Action Immersive Workshop trains with a group of counselors in the sleepaway, learning how to teach activities to campers, to lead games, to support the team of counselors in the development of the program. Supporting in the order of cabins, at lunchtime, attends guide meetings. You will carry out the activity assigned to you, exercising leadership with others, reporting to directors.

This workshop is not necessarily valid as training to be selected as a camp counselor in one of our seasons. However, the camp director can select a young man who did the workshop to attend guide training before the season and, if selected, can be hired to work in the summer and be part of the counselor staff of Guaikinima.

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