Nothings beats Guaikinima values not ever “Camp Cool Kids”

Camp Guaikinima always has many stories to tell, it has been many years and many summers in which hundreds of campers have gathered for two or three weeks to live unique experiences. But, the story that we like the most and is repeated every season is the learning that kids take forever: the values.

We will tell you the valuer that kids can learn according to their needs and life experiences, that even exceed the expectations of the movie Cool Camp Kids, the amazing movie. Read this and learn more about the values ​​that your kids will learn at Camp Guaikinima!

Values Campers Learn

Campers learn many values ​​at Camp Guaikinima, that is why it is the preferred camp for all parents, in this space your kids can learn to value themselves and from there, they learn to value their parents, brothers and all family. Likewise, they develop values ​​of solidarity and friendship towards other people, since they achieve impressive social skills. Check out this list we made so that you know some of the values ​​that campers learn and that exceed any expectations.


Kids manage to be independent to achieve their goals, they also feel more responsibility for their actions and understand the effort it takes to have what they want. They learn not to depend on other people for small activities. From making their bed to making decisions.

Social Skills

Many campers who enter the first day are shy or have trouble relating to other people, but this is a subject that they manage to overcome quickly, in the camp they will learn the most efficient way of being heard and taken into account. Then at the end of the camp they have great communication skills.

Managing fears

Kids learn to overcome much of their fears, sometimes little kids are afraid of being alone or feel insecure about being with new people. While teens are afraid of new changes, new friendships, and how to relate to their surroundings. At Camp Guaikinima they learn to supervise all their fears, to confront them properly until they improve their ability to respond to situations of pressure or sudden changes. Losing their fears helps them better understand their daily actions.

Value home

Being two weeks away from home, the kids learn new stories and new experiences that allows them to reflect on the importance of home values, of having a healthy home. Upon returning from camp, kids learn to develop a sense of belonging in their home and community.

Value the family

The family is the most important thing for kids, they need to learn that they are the role models for their communities. At Camp Guaikinima they learn to value the importance of family and the community, one of the best lessons is the communication and affection. They learn to respect their superiors and express themselves in the best conditions.

Value friendships

Friendships can be for a lifetime, kids learn this main value at Camp Guaikinima, from the first day of the camp they generate new friendships, which can be forever. During all activities, they learn to share, express emotions and feelings while also discovering similarities and differences with other kids, allowing them to share a lot and strengthen the true value of friendship.

What is “Camp Cool Kids” about?

During this article we have told you that the values ​​that kids will learn at Camp Guaikinima exceed the values ​​and stories that are presented in the “Camp Cool Kids” movie. And maybe, you don’t know what it is, we will tell you that this film is about a boy, played by Spence Connor Rosen, who faces his deepest fears and his brother Zach Logan Shroyer, who faces the transformations of teens and is motivated by her grandfather Norman Michael to attend summer camp. 

Michael Gross gives him valuable learning lessons to attend a summer camp for two weeks; And this allows them to face their fears and make new friends like the Firefly represented by Tyree Brown at summer camp. Like in Camp Guaikinima but we do it better with all the experience that years give us, making every learn experience a reality and a lesson to the life of your kids.

What values of the film are present in Camp Guaikinima?


Kids and Teens will learn to respect and see themselves as equals and seeing that each difference is not worth criticizing but rather learning and that it is this that makes them unique in front of others.


Kids learn to trust themselves and their abilities. There is even a process of discovering your own inner being and their great attitudes to face any obstacle.


Kids understand what being a leader is and how they should be treated in order to work as a team.


Kids are able to put their fears aside for helping those who need it and understand that this is how a true friendship is generated.

On the other hand, there are anti-values, such as selfishness, bullying that we can immediately identify and they are going to learn that it is not the right way to be a successful person and a leader. Now that you have this information, enroll your kids in the summer camp of this 2020 so you can see how they will change completely after this great experience. 

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