Summer Camp Florida Raymond Cidad

Is my son going to be okay if he goes to camp without a friend?

If you have been wondering if it is a good idea to send your son or daughter to a sleepaway camp without a friend, without knowing anyone, you are not alone. This is a common question for families who do not already know someone in the camp.

In either case it is a great experience, not everyone comes with a friend, but everybody does leave with a lot of friends.

I understand that this can create anxiety and knowing that you are going to the camp with a friend gives you more confidence, but the reality is that before the journey to the camp begins, you start to change that anxiety to excitement.

For us in camp Guaikinima, the moment you get to the departure site, you already start being part of the family, we have the strategies to integrate the children with their cabin mates and before they spend 30 minutes on the bus, you already have more than one friend.

A summer camp is ideal for making new friends and getting to know yourself. In the cabins coexistence begins and we learn that we are all different and that it is OK to accept each one in a respectful environment.

The counselors are trained to manage cabin integration, conflict resolution and make campers have a positive experience during the season.

Raymond Cidad.