What is the camper’s Code of Conduct?

Camp Code of Conduct:


Camp Guaikinima prides itself on being a welcoming and friendly community. In order for our community to thrive, we expect our campers to display positive and inclusive behavior while at camp. Their behavior must not detract from the experience of other campers. Just like school and home, there are consequences for breaking the rules. We have found a strong structure creates a more harmonious and successful camp experience. The Camp Directors are involved in all disciplinary actions. If any of these policies are broken, your camper may/will be sent home.


The following agreement is designed to ensure the camp is a happy, safe, and productive community for everyone. Read this carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the camp office immediately.


  1. The use of any form of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at Camp Guaikinima and will result in the immediate dismissal without a refund. Camp maintains a zero – tolerance policy in relation to this behavior. 
  2. Any parent/legal guardian that wishes their camper(s) to leave camp property with someone other than themselves must provide permission in writing in advance of the pick-up date. Camp will NOT permit a camper to leave property with someone other than the parent/legal guardian without this permission on file in the camp office. 
  3. Campers will be present at all scheduled activities and will remain in supervised areas at all times. 
  4. Cabins are private and open to only the campers that live in that cabin. Campers will not enter a cabin other than their own without the permission of the counselors that live in that cabin. Co-ed visitations are strictly prohibited. 
  5. Leaving cabins after lights-out in the evening is prohibited except in the event of medical necessity. Any camper found outside of their cabin after lights out will result in appropriate disciplinary action or, if necessary, the immediate dismissal from camp without refund. 
  6. Physical and/or verbal hostilities are not permitted while at Guaikinima Camp. Campers will respect all other campers, counselors, administrators and camp staff. 
  7. Sexual harassment, verbal sexual harassment, or sexual contact of any kind is inappropriate to the community and will not be tolerated. Offenders face possible legal action and immediate dismissal from camp without refund. 
  8. Camp Guaikinima is not responsible for valuables kept in cabins. Money, plane tickets, passports, and other valuables must be kept in the office at the start of camp. Campers must respect the property of others, any damage to or theft of Guaikinima property is not allowed and will be charged to the camper’s family. 
  9. It is imperative that all activities rules be understood and followed by everyone. Rules will be explained and/or posted in appropriate locations. 
  10. Weapons, knives, matches, fireworks, and other potentially dangerous items are prohibited at camp and will be confiscated and will result in the immediate dismissal from camp without a refund. 
  11. All medications, prescription or non-prescriptions (including aspirin) must be kept in the Health Center at all times. There are few exceptions such as asthma inhalers, Epi kits, etc. If not sure, ask us. At registration, all medications should be turned over to our Doctor. 
  12. Respect for all living things is expected. Wildlife, camp animals, and the natural environment are to be protected. Destructive behavior is not permitted and will result in appropriate disciplinary actions or dismissal. 
  13. Each member of the camp community is expected to contribute to keeping the cabins and camp property clean and maintained. Graffiti or any other form of vandalism is strictly prohibited and the cost of repairing such damage will be charged to the camper’s family. 
  14. Campers are not permitted to bring cellular phones to camp and are asked to leave them home. Cell Phones found in the cabins will be confiscated, stored at the office and returned to parents. Please call the office for details. 
  15. Campers can maintain regular prescription medication as required by their medical professional while at camp sessions. Please do not stop your children’s medication while at camp . We have a full-time nurse here to administer medication.


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