Covid-19 and what to do with your kids this Summer

The Coronavirus pandemic has made the quarantine time longer than expected. Entertaining kids at home every day seems like a difficult challenge to accomplish.

Doing routine activities can become tiresome and make kids get bored. Every parent should stay on the lookout for fun learning dynamics. Fortunately, many entertainment and learning centers have created an online window to maintain their activities public. This is an excellent option to distract kids and teens from the reality that COVID-19 has put us through. 

At Camp Guaikinima, we care about the wellbeing of your kids and that their Summer stays as fun as ever. For this reason, we have created a list of activities that kids can do at home. Find a perfect balance between screen-time and real-world experiences with our mixed options.

Top 3 Coronavirus activities for kids

We have refined a long list of options to do at home during the quarantine.  Kids must continue the learning they did daily.

Now that schools have closed, it is necessary to have a new system of learning, entertainment, and recreation. In this list, we have the best options for each of these elements.

1.- Learn at home

Learning at home is a new option for your kids to keep their knowledge active, and the internet is an excellent learning resource. Many free online courses allow you to set lesson plans to study.

Teach your kids how to read with their favorite book and then do recreational activities bases upon it, setting their imagination in motion. We propose holding a theatrical representation of the story you’ve read together or asking them to create an alternate ending.

There are many possibilities. You can also teach them math problems that come up daily. For example, into how many slices can you cut a pizza for the entire family? Stimulate your kid’s creativity and encourage him to keep going.

2.- Fun at home

For kids, there are always ways to have fun! For example, browsing kid-friendly web pages or watching the YouTube channel of your choice. You can find activities so that your kids follow tutorials to learn different entertaining activities, like drawing making crafts with recycled materials.

We also suggest painting on canvas or making different DIYs with your kids. Our campers always love it when we do this!

3.-  Virtual tours at home

Due to the Coronavirus, home activities have gained importance during these months. There are activities for all ages that you can do together. We offer you the option of spending time in front of the screen, you can be in your living room doing virtual museum or zoo visits.

For example, you can access all of Google’s Arts and Culture to see the museums and national parks of the United States. Besides, some Zoos offer live streaming every day from their social media so that they can observe the animals.

Despite the social distancing, keep having fun and continue learning from home. Remember how important it is to keep your days balanced. Alternative dynamics so that your children can enjoy different activities away from their screens.

There are many activities your children can do at home. Accompany them on every step of this new experience. 

Do you have other ideas? Have you already tried some? Share them with us now on our social media! If you have any questions or need more information, contact us at (954) 654-0395 or via our online chat at Camp Guaikinima, we are always available to help you.