Can parents also go to camp? 

Every summer, when parents come to camp to pick up their kids, they ask us the same question: … Is there also camp for parents? The answer is Yes!

For all those parents who sigh every time they pick up their children, wanting that experience too; those who were also campers and would like to return now with their children. And also for those who still do not dare to send their children alone, but want to know the experience and perhaps dare next summer, there is now GUAIKINIMA FAMILY WEEKENDS. 

A weekend camp for families, where moms and dads can share various camping activities with their children, relax on the lake by paddle boarding or canoeing; or share with other adults, while the children have fun with our guides. Especially in these times, it is recommended to spend time outdoors, breathe fresh air and do exercises, since it is proven that they are activities that offer great benefits for health, relaxation and wellness. What better opportunity for children than to enjoy camping activities with their parents such as: archery, target shooting, paddle boarding, tubing, canoeing, high ropes, paintball, zip line, sports, campfire, capture the flag and many more.

Sharing time with the family favors the bond between parents and children and if it is in nature better. When parents and children share an activity, an opportunity for communication is created in a different environment from home, more relaxed and open. A boy or girl who is used to seeing his parents work or doing housework most of the time, when he sees his dad or mom doing activities such as rappelling, paddle boarding or archery, he feels admiration and joy to see them enjoy too, laugh and celebrate an achievement. Similarly, when parents see their children independent, doing camping activities, expressing themselves and making decisions; they contemplate a different phase, which is not perceived at home or at school. Great learning experiences are lived at camp: fear management , challenges, independence within a controlled environment. These family moments leave memorable experiences!

Escape for a weekend with your family and/or friends to our camp located in Fruitland Park, Florida (one hour from the city of Orlando) and live a camping experience, sharing recreational activities, in contact with nature and with excellent attention.

Camp Guaikinima is immersed in a beautiful forest, surrounded by spectacular trees in which you can take a zip-line, with a beautiful natural lake ideal for venturing out to paddle board or simply row a boat as a family and enjoy the sunset. An adventure experience with all the comforts for everyone:

Accommodation: you will rest in a nice and comfortable pine cabin with air conditioning or heating (depending on the weather) with internal bathroom.

Meals: we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable dining room, with a varied menu for the whole family. (Only bring the snacks that your children like the most)

Activities: Guided activities available for adults and children. Fun guaranteed with our wide range of games and activities, always accompanied by our counselors.

Come and experience it!
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