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4 Exciting Aerial Activities for Kids in Our Lake Geneva

Guaikinima summer camp is perfect for kids that enjoy the freedom of outdoor games and being in touch with nature. Our aerial activities will make your kid feel like a bird.

Read this article and learn why Camp Guaikinima is different from any other summer camp you have ever known. We offer the best recreational activities to help your kid develop lifelong skills, knowledge, and friendships while having a blast! 

The safest aerial activities for kids

Our security planning for campers mixes physical safety with information, communication, and emergency planning around our acres. They will learn from each experience and develop a bond with the environment.

Guaikinima security professionals are trained to take care of all the activities most safely and efficiently. From the first moment kids step into our camp, they will be guided by a trained counselor. We work with high-tech systems of harnesses and safety ropes. 

No one beats our outdoor, adrenaline-rush aerial activities for kids that take emotions to the extreme in the safest way. The Guaikinima experience will allow your kids to discover a new world of knowledge and adventures. They will skip, run, chase, build, craft, laugh, and get tons of Vitamin D.

In each of our +30 summer camp activities, kids are supervised by qualified counselors, staff members, and volunteers. Our highly trained support helps them enjoy themselves to the fullest!

1- High ropes

This is one of the preferred activities by all kids and teens in our sleepaway and day camp programs.

It is a very straightforward activity: kids climb a rope attached to the top of a tree. For this dynamic, they only have their hands and feet to climb and stay in the air as long as they like.

This activity teaches self-control of their emotions while facing adventures out of their comfort zone. 

2- Rappelling

In this exciting activity, campers must climb a tree to a platform at an incredible height of 22 meters. Once at the top, kids descend with a rope. 

During this process, they have an instructor that will guide them and set the proper position to downslide safely. 

Rappeling helps kids to face their fears, do cardio, and improve flexibility!

3- Pamper pole

This is one of our most thrilling adventures. The campers will race and climb a 12-meter-pole to see who touches the target first. 

Once at the top, the kid holds a trapeze with both hands to swing away and descend. 

This adrenaline-filled experience is an exciting challenge. Kids are secured by a harness, special ropes, and safety gloves and must wear suitable clothing.

4- Team ladder

This is the perfect game for kids to prove their leadership and teamwork skills. 

A couple has to help each other to make it to the top. It consists of a 6 ft. wide ladder made with cable and timber. 

The challenge increases with each step: the distance between the steps increases as they go up.

Relax after aerial activities

Guaikinima invests in 360º safety for our campers and all our staff members. The camp continually tests its tactics and equipment to provide the safest experience in the country. 

Our 30-year-old experience certifies us as one of the camps with an exclusive training and learning model for your kids. Take your kids to a unique experience with the SleepAway program!

Campers’ comfort is a priority. Kids love our comfortable cabins equipped with all luxuries. Cabins include air conditioning, delicious and wholesome banquets, hot showers, picnic tables, and activities for day camp. We guarantee that our summer camp programs are a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will remain in the minds and hearts of your kids.

Enjoy the best aerial activities in Florida

If you have any concerns, contact us via our online chat or email: Our phone number is (954) 654-0395.

Enroll your kids now and allow them to enjoy the best aerial activities!