Role Play

It’s an activity loved by small and big people. It consists of a story that lasts the whole season, directed by the guide where the campers are the protagonists of the story. The story unfolds in the medieval era and the characters of the tale are Nomos, Wizards, Warriors, Sorcerers, etc. each with some power, and the campers choose their character and their power. Each story has a goal, for example to rescue the sacred scroll or the rescue of the princess. The story begins and, on the way, the counselor places obstacles that campers have to solve with strategies, for example, having to cross a river with a very strong current, or full of piranhas, or… by agreeing on one strategy, through rock, paper or scissors, it is decided whether they can use said strategy or they should use another.

At the end of the season, a moment is chosen in which all the cabins, at the same time, are in the last chapter.