7 Experiences that make Guaikinima the best summer camp for your kids this 2020

The camp experience is unique in the life of every child and surely you want your kids to have this anecdote to tell, but your fears of first parents make you doubt. In the Guaikinima camp we give you the guarantee that your kids will enjoy to the fullest and likewise, you will be sure that everything will be fine.

 Knowledge builds trust, and we are sure that by reading this article you will make the best decision to include your kids in our summer camp, with various educational entertainment activities that we have prepared for children from 4 to 16 years old in the various programs that we have.

Top 7 best

 There are so many experiences, that we do not want to tell you everything so that your kids can be surprised, but here we will tell you out top 7 experiences that make Guaikinima the best summer camp in 2020 and in previous years:

1- Digital detox

The kids and who participate in the camp will be disconnected from technology and will be connected to the environment, learning to value their natural environment. 

In the Guaikinima camp we always make kids and teens aware of having respect for the natural environment, taking care of biodiversity with ecological activities. For they to understand the value of animals for example, we have contact farms or horseback riding and they connect with animals in their natural environment.

2- Learning lesson

The activities they carry out are always recreational and leave teaching-learning in the participant. Among them are performing arts, painting and art as healthy activities.

3- Activities in air, water and land

They are fully supervised and will give your kids the confidence and security that they need to face every challenge in their life. We have snorkeling, ropes course, raquette lake,  climbing wall, wakeboard among others.

4- Leadership activities

Although this is crucial for teens, it is also an important step that our kids can achieve in group activities such as the classic capture the flag or a camping trip where they can learn to work as a team and lead them.

5- Fun in the first place

The most important thing is that your kids have fun, be happy and make new friends, that’s why we have fun activities that will free them from everyday life, for example, we have choreography, disco night, paint war and more.

6- Day Camp and SleepAway

Sometimes one day is not enough, that’s why we have two types of camping, one in which the kids will have daily activities and the other in which the kids stay inside the camp for a week long and will be able to experience incredible activities like making bonfires and overnight camps in the brant lake camp or others according to our camping program.

7- We maintain native Spanish

We know that kids are growing and are in contact with different languages and they often forget their native language. For this reason, in Guaikinima we always do activities in Spanish so that the child remains more comfortable and in turn you feel that it is connected to their mother tongue.

 Distinging us from the rest

Additionally we leave you 3 reasons why Camp Guaikinima is distinguished from the rest: 

1- Supervision of activities

We have a previously selected and trained group that will be guiding and supervising each one of the activities that the child performs, regardless of kids ages, will always have the support and presence of an adult. 

2- We have Amäy our mother guide

She is the “other mom” that your kids will have in the Camp

She will maintain you informed about your son and his adventures. Amäy will give individual attention to every kid, also watch their health in coordination with the nurse who attends 24/7.

She will do everything necessary to the parents are calm, taking care of the kids as if they were hers but giving them independence at the same time to they can enjoy Camp Guaikinima to the fullest.

3- Activities by age and sex

We have segmented activities according to boys and girls ages. But and whether it is a girl or a boy, so there will be no problem with the little ones or our teenagers looking for new experiences, we adjust to their needs. And there is a girl’s camp and boy’s camp separately.  Because we are a traditional camp with activities that go beyond all expectations, our activities including fun and learning every time. 

You are in the right place to take your kids to an experience beyond a picnic, because at Camp Guaikinima we have camp operating that include various activities that will allow your kids to achieve the security and independence that he requires so much to reinforce their social and intellectual behavior. 

The best summer camp for kids is waiting for your children, register them now, call us at (954) 654-0395, write to us at info@campguaikinima.com or chat with us online.