7 activities for kids between 4 and 12 years old in Guaikinima summer Camp

Choosing the right camp for your kid’s age is essential. At Camp Guaikinima we care as much as you and that is why we always provide the best fun, safety and varied entertainment for kids.

Surely you have thought that the activities of Camp Guaikinima are impressive. But,  maybe you don’t know what your little kids can do. Today, we will tell you about some of the activities we carry out, but there are so many and among more than 86 activities, we decided on these 7 that you and your kids will surely love.

Remember, that if your kids are under 6 years old, they can go to Day Camp, but from 6 years old they can participate in the Sleepaway and live the experience to the fullest.

The best 7 Summer camp activities for kids

Check this selection of our amazing activities that are focused for the little ones in the summer camp, but that are quite creative and exciting:

7- Art and creativity

Creativity is essential for campers, if your kids attends summer camps they will be able to express their creativity and have something to take home. They always do amazing projects that everyone loves.

6- Beach games

It is one of the favorite activities of all kids who go to the Historic Virginia Key beach Park and Oleta River Park because kids feel free to play in an outdoor space with sand. These activities are always supervised by counselor, because the fun is not only on the sand, but also on the beach.

5- Archery Tag

One of our most exciting activities is the archery that is played with arrows with foam tips to guarantee security. Kids can learn this sport and develop precision skills.

4- Kayak

It is a very fun activity and overall safety because we always take extra precautions for the kids always be safe. This activity is also ideal for the little ones so they can strengthen their arms. With this activity they can learn to navigate and how the navigation levels work. For this activity they are always accompanied by a counselor. 

3- Paddle board

This activity is carried out by the campers in the lake consists of standing and rowing with a single paddle on boards similar to those of surfing. The Kids have fun as they develop their muscles and balance.

2- Mountain biking

If your kids still doesn’t know how to ride a bike, this is the perfect opportunity, since once a week campers use a mountain bike and go for walks among the trees.

1- Slip’n’Slide

It is the most fun activity and kids enjoy it a lot, it is a resistant plastic surface where kids jump and slide all over the bar. It is ideal to cool off and to laugh a little. 

Summer camp games for kids

In the summer camp we also have fun activities and  games for kids that go from war with paint to traditional games: like the Gagaga, which is an excellent game for kids where they will have to avoid the ball hitting (softly) them, it is a game that has its own rules and kids they always do it while having fun.

We have many outdoor game that kids can do in all areas of the camp, such as hide and seek, scavenger hunt, obstacle course, board games, tug of war or water balloon.

There are also quieter activities such as a field day, picnic tables, kids can play with whatever they want in the free time assigned.

You already know that the fun at Camp Guaikinima never stops and this summer 2023 your kids can not miss our activities. We remind you that there are few places so contact us now at us chat online, or call us (954)654-0395 or write email  info@campguaikinima.com if you have any questions and we will gladly assist you.