6 easy workouts for kids at home

6 Easy workouts to stimulate your kid’s motor abilities at home

Being at home for a long time doesn’t have to stop us from moving. Both children and adults need to exercise and to stay active to keep our body and mind healthy. Today we prepared a list of workouts for kids at home to keep your whole family active whether inside or outside your home.

Exercising with your kids is great to motivate them while helping you stay active. 

Do you join your kids doing exercises and workouts? Come on! You will have a lot of fun. Here are 6 activities you’ll all enjoy doing.

Top 6 fun workouts for kids at home

We have given each indoor exercise a fun name for kids to remember. Don’t forget to follow the instructions correctly.

Before we start, wear comfortable clothes, ergonomic footwear that feels good, and keep water available. Warm-up for at least 10-20 minutes to let your body muscles relax and soothe. Adjust to movements before exercising.

1.- Crab Walks

Time to imitate crabs! This exercise consists of bending your knees and taking steps from side to side without touching the ground with your hands. This routine can be done as a competition to see who manages to hold the position longer. Crab walks will improve your kid’s leg resistance.

2.- Legs up 

This is an exercise that fulfills two functions, as it allows you to work a little on your abs muscles while allowing better flexibility for the legs. Lay flat on the floor, lift your legs as straight as possible while leaving your hands on the ground. 

3 Lizards

For this exercise, lie face down on the floor and hold your hands in line with your shoulders. Stretch your arms to go up and down as fast as possible, doing push-ups. This can be a very complete activity to stimulate motor and arm strength, as well as bringing resistance to the rest of the body. 

Help your kid before joining in, checking their posture. If available, use an exercise mat.

4.- Squats

To do squats, start by standing straight up. Then, flex your knees to imitate a sitting position, going as far down as possible without touching the floor. This is a full-body exercise that will allow you to coordinate all the motor skills of the central muscles of your body.

5.-  Sit-up

This is a classic exercise that we couldn’t skip. Lie down with your back on the floor, bending your knees while keeping your feet on the ground. Lift your torso by using your abdominal muscles and pushing up. 

You can help your kid by holding down their feet. This activity allows for a significant improvement in blood circulation.

If you want to step it up, you can add weight with water bottles. Choose the appropriate weight for your kid and for yourself, depending on your age and size. Lift your upper body while holding the weight and try alternating between shoulders.

6.- Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a great way to start or finish an exercise routine. Integrate arms and legs with all body movements into one type of exercise, allowing your entire body to work in sync. 

Stand up with your hands extended upwards and your legs apart. Perform small jumps, clapping together your hands and feet at the same time, later returning to the original position. Keep your body straight at all times to avoid getting tired.

Kids workouts at home

All these physical activities will keep your body healthy while making your kid get tired faster! Exercising together can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Making the routine entertaining will help your kids love to work out. Practice this weekly by repeating your favorite exercises and taking adequate rest time.

We look forward to seeing your workout sessions on social media! If you have questions about how to do these activities or want to know more about Camp Guaikinima, do not hesitate to write to chat with us online or to contact us through the number (954) 654-0395. We are always online to assist you.