5 Leadership virtues that teens will learn in Camp Guaikinima

Being teenagers means having to go through a daily challenge and our duty as parents is to be in this controversial stage with our kids and guide them to make it a rewarding experience in the future. And now that summer is coming, and after being home for so long, you want to enhance their full potential. But do you know which is the best place?

In Camp Guaikinima we are always aware of what is trend and concern for teens and parents, that’s why this summer 2020 your best option is to enroll your teens in our various leadership activities with programs to that they can learn values and virtues of leadership and teamwork that will help them to face in a positive way any challenge that is coming in their life.

We are certified in Experiential Learning with more than 30 years of experience to know and understand their processes and how teens can be true agents of change to improve tomorrow.

 Top 5 virtues of leadership

Here we give you the 5 leadership virtues that your teens can acquire in our summer camp and how they can achieve it:

5.- Communication

Communication is a group of learned skills, attitudes, and behaviors. With various leadership skills training activities your teen have the opportunity to learn or improve, how to communicate as a leader and know how to recognize problems and solve them in the most optimal way. These leadership activities for teens are carried out in small groups.

4.- Confidence

In the ABC workshop – Leadership and teamwork, your teens will be able to gain self-confidence and will recognize that they can trust the environment while also being cautious. All this is programmed to learn it in two days in which they will be able to carry out various survival activities and will develop their confidence in teamwork to have a significant improvement in decision-making. With great leadership team building activities.

3.- Independence

Our kids will be able to perform dynamics with activities for teens in the camp and learn about the experience of the various leadership styles through the intensive leadership in action workshop that takes place over a week during the Sleepaway.

In this case, for example, there is an interesting activity in which the team members pretend to have had a plane accident and stay on a desert island; this allows a group of leaders to emerge who can shake hands and support each other to emerge victorious from this situation.

2.- Maturity

Your kids will be able to experience a maximum level of leadership in a different environment out of his comfort zone. This is done in an intensive leadership workshop at Sleepaway camp for teens with all the security for them.

This workshop lasts one week with an overnight stay where teens can carry out fun and dynamic activities of trust. Leadership activities examples: stand in a circle and share experiences and anecdotes, of trust such as a blindfolded person and the group supporting him. This with other activities that will make your teens who can become an effective leader.

1.- Leadership role

Through the CIT Program: also known as “Counselor In Training” is a special program in which the camper between 15 and 16 years old can prepare to be a true camp leader. They will develop true leadership virtues by playing the role of a camp counselor.

What is the best age?

The workshops are aimed at teens aged between 14 and 18 years old. Leadership must be a well-developed habit and we know that the smallest can follow the example of the greatest. For this reason, these workshops are especially aimed at teenagers.

Main advantages of teens leadership

Teens have the opportunity to review their interpersonal communication skills, how they affect their role in the team and modify them in more effective ways.

There are various team learning techniques, for example: forming teams, assigning tasks that generate responsibility, among others, that allow teens to be successful at all times and feel in their natural element teens can be successful at all times and feel in their natural element.  Among the main advantages we find that:

  • Teens are able to discover for themselves the leader they carry inside and this produces greater security for each activity to be carried out.
  • They learn to participate in practical decision-making situations. 
  • Significantly improve interpersonal communication by eliminating the challenges of fear.
  • Improve the interpersonal relationships of the group, through the knowledge of mutual strengths and weaknesses and the appreciation and respect of these differences, in order to achieve greater integration of the participants.

There are many more advantages, they are just examples of leadership activities that your teens will be able to achieve, learning to differentiate good from evil and take the reins in order to make the best decisions.

Make your teens a successful great leader and enroll him now in the best workshop that exists to develop his leadership qualities and skills. 

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