5 Camp counselor skills

5 Camp counselor skills that we overcome

At Camp Guaikinima, we’ve always had specialized training for each of our team members. We want all of our staff to know how to guide our activities, and to understand their importance. That’s why we compiled 5 camp counselor skills you can develop with our team.

Keep reading if you’re interested in being a camp counselor or want to know what our summer camp team is like. This is a detailed list of the skills our staff must-have.

The skills of a summer camp counselor

The main feature of an excellent camp counselor is to have a good relationship with kids. It is essential to be patient, since kids and teens have different personalities and, on many occasions, it is difficult to treat each one without the right tools. 

If you consider you love being with kids and sharing your knowledge with them. We will tell you the fundamental skills.

Top 5 Skills a camp counselor should have

Check out this top of 5 skills needed to be a camp counselor. Among them, we have communication skills, leadership, proper behavior, organization, and the ability to solve problems.

1.- Communication skills

This is the main requirement. Communication skills are a strong element that allows ideas to flow fluently. By knowing how to express themselves, counselors make it is easier for kids to follow instructions.

It is necessary to have a very natural communication style that adapts to kids so that they can feel integrated into the group. Communication must be both with the group and with individuals, creating a connection with everyone

2.- Leadership skills

Leadership is a skill that will function as a tool for life. The kid’s safety and entertainment are under our counselor’s responsibility, making it necessary to have the ability to inspire fun.

The staff must know when to stop the fun, to receive instructions, and to control the group. This order can be accomplished without having to be harsh, but rather by maintaining a level of leadership combined with assertive communication.

3.- Behavioral skills

Kids often get inspired by adults, which is why they will follow after their counselors. Our staff must develop good behavior and role model skills towards kids during their stay at camp.

Every counselor should be very aware of what is being said or done, as they’re setting an example for the campers to follow. Our staff must have common sense when being with the kids so that the camper’s behavior and development are the best.

4.- Organizational skills

The counseling camping experience is not only a fun one, but they also need to prioritize their responsibility with the kids. Our team members must have a high level of personal organization, allowing them to carry out all the activities for the day. 

Even during restless nights, our counselors must have resistance and stay active every day, to transmit enthusiasm and joy at all times.

5.- Counselor skills

A good counselor knows that everyone should respect kids, treat them by their name, and to support them when they need you. We make it a priority to reassure our campers so that they feel better about themselves.

Our staff is prepared to resolve conflict situations. Problem-solving can be done through conversation to find out what is happening. This provides excellent personal growth for both the counselor and the camper.

The groups of kids are very varied, while some can easily cooperate, others are more independent and don’t like to follow the instructions. It is necessary to find an appropriate solution and have no preference for any camper, making the group feel equally treated.

There are many more skills that a camp counselor should have, but to us, these are essential so that they can develop a good connection with the kids.  We want the parents to feel reassured that their kids are having the best time possible, under professional supervision.

At Camp Guaikinima, we provide various training and preparation workshops, preparing our team members to adequately resolve each situation that may arise. 

We make sure that everyone is our staff is well prepared and has all the necessary skills so that the kids can have an excellent Summer experience.

Our counselors must know the camp program and have the best skills for the activities and games that we carry out during our stays.

Many of our staff members were campers in the past, joining us again as counselors to help the Guaikinima experience come to life for other kids.

If you also want to be part of our excellent team, we invite you to write to us via email at info@guaikinima.com, to call us (954) 654-0395, or to chat with us online. We’ll be waiting for you!