Educational activities for kids at home

4 Kid activities to learn from home

Schools have closed due to COVID-19, and they will stay like that for a while. This can be worrying for parents because they think that their kids will not be able to learn what is necessary without attending classes. But don’t panic, it’s time to teach your children through fun and educational activities that will keep them connected to school work while stimulating their creativity.

Some specialists claim that kids should be in outdoor spaces, but at this time, local parks will not be an option. The virus stays alive for several hours on various surfaces, the best we can do is to keep social distance and take care of ourselves. Therefore, we remind you to wash your and your kid’s hands, even more, when they have had contact with the outside world.

There are many learning activities for kids at home, and today we want to show you at least 4 to have fun with your children. Remember that there are many more options, you just have to let yourself be carried away by creativity and originality.

Fun and educational activities for kids at home

Check out these 4 activities to give you new ideas about what to do with your kids at home, there will be a lot of fun!

1.- Exploration and learning

Exploration is fun for kids as they learn new things that allow them to stay safe and agile. We offer you this entertaining and resourceful activity: Treasure Hunt! 

Create a map with hidden objects, your house will become a space for exploration. Add quizzes or riddles, and if the kids know how to answer these questions, they will obtain clues to find the treasure. 

Enjoy as your kids learn while having fun! Give them an extra step with an obstacle course. Get creative, use chalk on the sidewalk, and make the kids step on colors or shapes to get to the other side.

2.- Recreate a story

Reading, writing, and communication are essential for the intellectual development of your kids. Chances are, during quarantine, your kids will watch movies at home, and you can use this to your advantage. 

At Camp Guaikinima, everyone loves this activity! Learn from the story you just saw, help your kids recreate the story and practice storytelling. Add impromptu costumes and increase the fun! Spend time together as they learn to express themselves.

Improvise a small stage in your living room to help your kids be able to recreate their favorite stories. If you want to go a step further, design homemade puppets with them and host a puppet show.

3.- Board games and learning

For older kids, you should have other options. Board games are always a great choice because they allow them to have fun while learning. Create a challenge where they must answer questions to get to the next square, if they don’t answer correctly, they must take a step back. This activity can increase concentration levels and provide a better sense of analysis over time.

4.- DIY activities for kids

Get cooking, let your kids create delicious food dishes with fun colors. Let them join you in the kitchen and add food coloring to your recipes to make the activity unique. To feed others, gather recycling materials, and create a beautiful bird feeder. Fill a container with seeds or nuts and let them be in contact with nature and animals.

Fun summer activities and learning go hand in hand. Give your kids an excellent summer camp from home, enjoy a delicious ice cream while having fun with a large number of indoor activities.

Don’t wait any longer, go do all these activities with your kids! Visit our social media to find more tips and recommendations to enjoy Summer from home.  If you have doubts or questions, write to our online chat or by email to, we are always available for you.