3 simple anti-anxiety solutions for your kid

This Summer, it is time to stay home and take care of your family. Some days are calm,  while others become routine. Have you noticed your kid’s anxiety increasing and getting harder to control? If the answer is yes, it’s time to take action.

Spending time with your family is crucial during this situation.  Activities can help your kids feel better while learning essential values that will help them grow.

We are used to finding fun activities to share with the children that join us every Summer. Let us help you with 3 simple ways to have fun with your kids that will control the anxiety levels at home.

By the end of this post, you’ll have discovered the best entertainment for kids of all ages. We have organized a list of easy DIYs that your children will love.

1.- Detox and change it up

We all know kids will want to use their free time at home on their technological devices. However, it can be helpful to enjoy digital detox! Interchange screen-time with manual activities without having to spend any money on them.

Decorating their bedroom or playroom is a fun activity that can be simple but creative. Choose a wall and provide different materials you find around the house. Help them make paper cutouts, print pictures, hang drawings, or even Christmas lights as wall decor!

A dream catcher is a simple decoration to make. Go on a treasure hunt for threads, ribbons, and a few pieces of wood, then decorate with feathers or paint. It will look great by the window as you finish your room decor!

Allow your kids to express their taste and have a completely personalized wall that will offer a newer-looking setting. 

2.- DIYs to accessorize your look

These DIY ideas will be your best ally if you have teen girls at home. There are many things to do with your accessories or garments you never wore. Get ready to make enamel design for your nails and decorate your clothes!

Friendship bracelets can be a fun and relaxing activity, as they take time and concentration. On top of that, your kids can give them to their friends when they meet again.

Offer your kids a fresh appearance with different hairstyles. Using ribbons and learning how to braid can exercise manual skills and creativity.

Complete the look with tie-dye. Choose a shirt or clothing, preferably white, tie it tightly with straps or ribbons, and then paint them. Create a fun and unique stay-at-home outfit while having a blast! 

3.- Fun and easy DIYs for little kids

If you have younger kids, there’s more energy to take care of. It’s the perfect time for an art project that allows your kids to express themselves. Find paints and let them be free, or try making pom poms with extra materials you can find at home. Get ready for a cool DIY and create homemade board games like memory, or puzzles.

What can I do if my kids are of different ages? 

Having kids of different ages at home is ideal for them to integrate as siblings. It may seem like a difficult task, but it’s not. Your older kids can gain responsibility from looking after the younger ones and sharing more time together.

Talk to your children to help them learn a little more about each other. Create multiple activities within your project idea to include their different abilities, obtaining a fun result as a mix of their teamwork.

Kids can be better than us adults when adapting to changes, let’s learn from them while sharing our knowledge. As a result, when the pandemic passes, your family will have new memories and cool crafts done together.

Take advantage of these DIYs to relax more and to enjoy family time. Let’s make this Summer at home one we can remember forever. 

If you have doubts about some of the activities that we mention or want to know more about Camp Guaikinima, do not hesitate to contact us online. Send us photos of your projects through our social media or our GuaikiZoom and connect with our team! There are more ideas to come, we will be waiting for you! Sleepaway camps for kids