3 Exciting aerial activities for your kids in Camp Guaikinima for this summer in Lake Geneva

This summer is for your kids to enjoy with freedom but security first of all.  At Camp Guaikinima we always think in activities that take the emotions to the extreme in the healthiest way and that allow your kids to have an important learning of every experience. That is how Camp Guaikinima is different from any other summer camp you have ever known because kids will not only explore the nature but they will learn from it at the same time that they get to discover their full potential.

In each of the activities that are carried out the kids have personalized advice, they are always guided and with highly trained support to be able to make your kids enjoy themselves to the fullest and so that you as a parent are totally sure that your kids will always be well cared for.

Top of the best aerial activities

Note: You should know that in all high ropes activities from the moment the activity begins, your kids is (secured) insure by a trained counselor and a system of harnesses and safety ropes so don’t worry. 

1- High ropes

This is the activity preferred by all SleepAway campers because they are able to live their emotions to the fullest. In this case, they must climb a rope that is attached to the top of a tree, for this dynamic, they only have their hands and feet to climb and stay in the air as long as they like.

The high ropes activity becomes our Top 1 because it is enjoyed by kids  it is a stage in which the child learns self-control of his emotions by managing fear when leaving his comfort zone and successfully reaching his goal, this overcoming his self-esteem and always challenging himself to the best.

2- Rappelling

In this exciting activity, campers must climb a tree to a platform at the incredible height of 22 meters. Once the first step is accomplished, your kids will have to descend with a rope. During this process their have coach that will guide they and position they system so that they can be downloaded without any problem. This allows them to face their fears and feel secure, while learning to follow directions.

3- Pamper pole

It is an activity that campers do in SleepAway, is very exciting that consists of climbing 12 meters high to reach the top of a pole and the emotions does not end with that, when the camper is at the top they will have to jump to take a trapeze with both hands, once the camper is at the top, they will have to jump to reach and grab a trapeze with both hands. Then let go the trapeze and the counselor will bring him/her down with the belay rope. 

4- Team ladder

This activity besides being high rope and give the participants the opportunity to manage fear and work on the self esteem is also an activity to help them improve their team building and leadership attitudes. It has to be performed by two campers that need to help each other in order to make it to the top. It consists of a ladder made with cable and timber 6 ft. wide, and the distance between the steps increases as they go up. The first two are 4 ft. apart. 

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Like the rest of the activities that the campers carry out, the kids are properly secured by harness, ropes, safety gloves and must wear suitable clothing for this dynamic in the air. More than 30 years of experience certify us and qualify us as one of the camps with an exclusive training and learning model for your kids. Take your kids to a unique experience with the SleepAway program in which they will stay in comfortable cabins with air conditioning, hot showers, picnic tables and activities for day camp.

If you have been interested in these or more extreme activities, you should also know that in the summer camp Lake Geneva there are similarly land activities such as mountain biking or having aquatic activities in the calm of our lake. There are hundreds and thousands of reasons why you should choose the Camp Guaikinima for your child to enjoy this summer 2020 and you can be sure that he will be well and will enjoy each stage. 

Contact us right now through our online chat, you can also send us an email to info@campguaikinima.com or call us at (954) 654-0395 the following number so that you can reserve a space for your kids in advance.