Summer Camp in Florida

Your children will live challenging and unforgettable adventures while learning to manage their fears and discover their full potential.

Sleepaway Program.

Program of activities with overnight stay for children between 6 and 16 years old, oriented to have fun in contact with nature.

Day Camp Program.

Daily program (monday to friday) for children between 4 and 12 years old.
3 locations available.

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Camp Guaikinima
is a bilingual territory!

We have fun activities in English and Spanish.
#EnglishFriendly #SpanishLanguageSkills

Find out about our summer programs

Camps for kids | Best for the little ones.

Day Camp

Daily program of activities for children between 4 and 12 years oriented to entertain and be in contact with nature where the child can discover the natural scenario while learning new skills in addition to the values and philosophy of Guaikinima.

  • 3 available locations: Oleta River State Park, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Tree Tops Park.
  • Activities very similar to the Sleepaway Camp program, adapted to the camper’s age and physical capacity.
  • It takes place in weekly blocks from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.
  • Different logistics and transportation options for the best enjoyment and safety of children.

Find out about the dates and prices for the 2024 season!

Begin the adventure!

Here we live unique moments.

Sleepaway Camp

Camp program with sleepaway stay oriented to children between 6 and 16 years old.

  • You can choose 3 or 2 weeks seasons.
  • Incredible guided activities in water, land and air.
  • Camp Guaikinima offers bilingual Spanish/English programming. (all activities, interactions, instructions and songs are in both languages.
  • First time your child goes to a Sleepaway? Do not worry about it! Amay (our camp mom) will make it much easier 😉
Live the experience!




Here we promote self-esteem, self-confidence, successful adaptation to multiple environments, respect for others and love of nature in campers. All of this through adventure activities that promote healthy competition provides stimulating and unforgettable experiences and valuable learning for their personal growth. Here they will discover their full potential! #LoMáximo

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Florida Summer Camp

Our activities

Mountain Bike Summer Camp Florida
Day Camp | Camps for Kids Campfire Sleepover
Mountain Bike
Day Camp | Camps for Kids Campfire Sleepover
Mountain Bike

At our Oleta Park...

Arte Summer Camp Florida
Day Camp | Camps for Kids
Day Camp | Camps for Kids

In both sleepaway and...

Slipe and slide Summer Camp Florida
Day Camp | Camps for Kids Campfire Sleepover
Slip ‘n’ slide
Day Camp | Camps for Kids Campfire Sleepover
Slip ‘n’ slide

It’s a super fun...

Summer Camp Florida ActividadThe Beam
The Beam
The Beam

It is a pole...

Puente Summer Camp Florida Guaikinima
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It is a bridge...

Rapel Summer Camp Florida
Sleepaway Camps
Sleepaway Camps

It’s the technique of...

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